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Daring to grow a vision

A year ago I stepped into the blogosphere and began writing. It was not the first time that I had started. I lasted 3 months of semi-regular posts. It was not the first time that I stopped either. I am not sure that I can find the words to convey what led me to stop. I just did. Over my lifetime, I have had other versions of that stop/start pattern.

Today though, this is not a self critique of the practice of not following through. It is about starting again, and finding a reason to keep going.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a dear friend (Beth Mount) who has been an inspiration and an enthusiastic supporter of me and visions that I pursue. She gently encouraged me to pick up this blog writing practice again, and follow the vision that I have shared, and asked for her collaboration and support.

So I am here again, with a different and sharper focus to this writing.

I have a vision.

It began to take shape during the pandemic, when working to create meaningful relationships and interactions in online spaces became a necessary exploration.

Here in this writing I will follow this vision, see where it takes me, who I will meet, what I/we will do, what will happen as a result, and how does this vision evolve. Minimally, I see that this will assist me in gaining clarity of vision, create a trail that I can look back on to see where I have been, and reflect on what this can tell me about where I am going.

But writing here, in a public space, offers other possibilities as well.

I am not alone in the quest to follow and make manifest a vision. I learn from other people's pursuits, and I can only imagine that other people could learn from my pursuit, choices, success, and failures.

Even more exciting is that "putting it out there" may lead to connection with others, who can share their wisdom and experience, and perhaps even passion for what I care about, and interest in engaging with me in this pursuit.

While I stopped this blog writing in March 2021, I was continuing to work on my vision of creating an online cafe, a space where people can come, and sit with a cup of coffee, tea, or other refreshment, pause, and immerse themselves in "the arts of social change". You can see the early prototype of this vision by visiting the justus cafe.

This writing space is an opportunity for me to follow where the pursuit of a vision can take me. It is stepping into an unknown, an experiment in seeing what happens when internal thoughts and visions are made public...even if no one else reads them.

For those who find their way to read this blog, I welcome your experience, insights, and interest in what unfolds. I would love you company as I journey.

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