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Artful rhythms

A few years ago, a friend and colleague of Patti's, discovered that we would be traveling to India at the same time of her wedding in Gujarat. She invited us to come and be part of the celebrations. It would be a week of rituals, gatherings, celebrating, all engaging great creativity, effort and organization. So many things to do, places to go, people to see, and all fantastic.

It was a wonderfully vibrant and full week. While it seemed as though there was something big happening every day, the reality was that there was a rhythm and flow to the week. There were gatherings throughout the week that occurred, and none of them really felt small. As a newcomer to the experience it was quite overwhelming to imagine all of the thought, organization, and preparation that went into it all.

Somewhere in the middle of the rush and flow of the week, our friend, the bride, gathered with her friends and went to the house of the henna tattoo artist. It was a casual calm pause. It was a moment of care, a time to just sit while the artists created detailed works of art on the arms of the women gathered in support of the bride.

It was a communal moment to be present. A moment to breathe, and to notice that you were breathing, together. The details of the designs and stories to be created would take time. It made room for laughter, and gratitude.

It stays with me as an important moment in the rhythm of a period of colorful intensity.

It leaves me wondering how these calm, communal, and artful moments can happen in my life, and how important their regular rhythmic presence is to the long run of life.

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