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Rhythms and pace

A friend of mine recently shared a story about a relationship of two people she had come to know. One of the people had passed on. My friend reflected on the idea of legacy, that which lives on after we pass. In my friend's case, she pointed to how the stories we pass on about lives who have moved us is one of the legacies, and telling these stories is important.

I began this week with a desire to spend time with people in my life who have passed on, and explore what lives in me that was nourished by my relationship with these friends and teachers.

As I sat with this desire and intention in my early morning writing, earlier this week a friend wrote about the years that have passed since the life force that is her young daughter, had passed on. In this reflection I could feel the call to slow, to wade through the tender sadness on the way to the vitality that lives on. I found the world of thought slowing down. It was not a block to writing, it was a call, to slow down and be with this legacy, the mission and purpose of people passed in my life. It was a call to not rush, a call to come sit with the embers and remember the fire.

I have been committed to writing daily, and for the most part I continue that. But the call to be slow seems meaningful.The music remains, but the pace and rhythm shifts, it is what makes the song. The slowing of pace and rhythm is making room for thoughts, ideas, and stories to show up. So I will heed the call to shift the pace and rhythm and see what emerges.

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